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12 Trainsets Ready to Operate with Faster LRT Waiting Time

Jakarta (21/11) - Starting on November 21, 2023, the Directorate General of Railways (DJKA), in collaboration with operators and other relevant parties, guarantees the operational readiness of 12 Jabodebek LRT trainsets. This is following the addition of four trainsets that have finished undergoing wheel rotation.

The addition of this trainset greatly impacts the waiting time of one train with the next train (headway) at peak and off-peak hours, as follows: 

Peak Hour Headway (05.00 - 10.00 and 15.00 - 21.00):

Jatimulya/Harjamukti Station to Cawang: 30 minutes to 18.5 minutes

Cawang Station to Dukuh Atas: 15 minutes to 9.3 minutes

Off-Peak Hour Headway (10:00 - 15:00): 

Jatimulya/Harjamukti Station to Cawang: 60 minutes to 37 minutes

Cawang to Dukuh Atas Station: 30 minutes to 18.5 minutes

Director General of Railways Risal Wasal stated, "The reduction in headways will hopefully meet the expectations of the passengers who choose Jabodebek LRT as public transportation on the grounds that the time is more efficient." As for the wear conditions found on the Jabodebek LRT wheels, handling has been carried out by turning the wheels,and  smoothing the surface profile, and giving lubricant liquid to the Jabodebek LRT rail. "Alhamdulillah, after grinding and lubricating, no worn wheels have been found, so the 12 trainsets (TS) currently operating are in a safe condition," explained Risal.

Risal further explained that the wheel turning and lubrication process continues to be accelerated and is expected to be completed soon, so as to improve maximum service to all Jabodebek LRT users. DJKA will continue to strive to accommodate the needs of Jabodebek LRT passengers "With the operation of 12 trainsets that will begin today, the total frequency of trips per day on each crossing, namely Bekasi and Cibubur, will be 80 trains, with a total overall travel frequency of 160 trains per day," said Risal.

Furthermore, Risal hopes that the Jabodebek LRT will soon be able to operate normally so that people can feel the great benefits of the development that aims to shift or transfer private vehicle users to mass transportation, which is currently also integrated with various modes of transportation in Jabodetabek. (DA/RVP)


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